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YUVsoft Frame Rate Conversion Demo  v.1.0

This is a demonstration of frame rate increase using YUV FRC technology. An original algorithm ensures competitive high quality of interpolated video owning to sophisticated processing of motion data. The conversion factor is an arbitrary integer

Component Conversion Utility  v.0.1

The Component Conversion Utility is designed to minimize the time needed to create skeleton code in a variety of languages. Given a database connection, for example, the CCU can use existing tables to create skeleton Java code. In addition to

MechMod: A Half-Life Total Conversion  v.04

MechMod is a total conversion of the Half-Life 1 engine ( and is based on Mecha or Mechs. Our already-released Alpha 1.0 version of the game lets players control and fight in mechs taken from Gundam and Macross/Robotech

Pyter format conversion framework  v.0.3.1

pyter is an innovative file format conversion utility developed in conjunction with the Main//Pyrus DMS. It does not do the actual conversion, but builds chains of configurable utilities to do the task and produces a definable set of output

ReadSeq bioinformatics data conversion  v.1.0

ReadSeq is a program and library for conversion of biosequence data from one format to another, useful in various bioinformatics programs and services. It is written in Java, though an earlier version in C remains

Object Conversion Library  v.1.0

The Object Conversion Library aims to provide developers with a baseline template for object conversion. The library can included to a project to allow a developer to build specific object conversion features. A more detailed explanation can be ...

Synth Patch Conversion  v.1.0

Java routines for converting an analog or virtual analog music synth's patch / program MIDI system-exclusive data (sysex) to and from synth-specific XML and generic patch XML. Generic XML allows conversion of patches between different synth models.

B2Xe - Binary to Xml Conversion tool  v.1.0

A cross platform binary (database) to xml conversion tool written in java language. Uses the well accepted XML structured template files for the conversion definitions. Easy-to-use features supported with java GUI for advanced users as well as beginners.

MARC to FRBR conversion tool (marc2frbr)  v.1.0

The marc2frbr tool supports the conversion of records in the MARC format to a normalized set of records based on the FRBR model. The tool is implemented in XSLT.

Displacement total conversion mod  v.1.0

Displacement is a adventure/FPS total conversion modification for Quake 4. We are currently in the early design steps, but thank you for your interest in our mod!

WoW:TCG Online Conversion  v.1.0

An electronic conversion of the WoW: Trading Card Game.

FBX Conversion Utility  v.1.0

It is a conversion tool between FBX (Alias MotionBuilder) and other 3D formats like MAYA, 3DSMAX. At first, we plan to release a inverse conversion tool from 3DSMAX to FBX. If you are a C++ coder and you are interested in it, just contact us(Eng,Ger,Chi)

Lunar calendar conversion program  v.1.0

A Calendar Conversion Program for Gregorian Solar Calendar and Chinese Lunar Calendar

Matlab to Python conversion  v.1.0

Matlab/Octave to Python conversion facility. The tool will take existing scriptsand convert them to Python. Also includes Python bindings to Octave anda small runtime support library. Built on top of Numeric Python extensions.

XYZ-OPS -- Work with coordinate files.  v.2

Ever had to use xyz coordinate files during your academic career?Remember the work it took to do some trivial operations on these files?This is all over now.Using the xyz-ops program you can do accurate translations, rotations, ... on your files

Coordinate System Operations Library  v.1.0

++ library for coordinate system conversions and transformations.

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